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About Us

Craft and Quality Founder Mari Suyama

The Vision

Craft and Quality specializes in small batch leather aprons because we appreciate true craftsmanship and individuality.  We never make more than four of a kind—with the exception of custom large quantity ordersso you can rest assured you've got a pretty unique item on your hands.


The Apron

All our leather aprons are designed, cut and sewn by hand in Canada.  Craft and Quality has designed an apron that is form-fitting and flattering on both men and women of all sizes.  No more stiff, bulky apron—this is the new generation of leather apron!  


The Founder

Mari Suyama comes from a long line of woodworkers, painters, designers, bartenders, cooks, bakers and instrument makers.  So she thought long and hard about what kind of product she could make for all these inspirational people in her life.  What one product transcends all those professions?

The apron.  A simple, classic uniform that speaks to professionalism and quality craftsmanship, no matter what the trade.  From bartender to violin maker, the leather apron is an essential. 


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